Ch. 13

But before the bus got to the train station, as I sat placidly day-dreaming next to the aisle in the last seat available, a peculiar incident melted into my consiousness.

A strapping young red-haired gal whom I'd met once briefly while waiting at a bus stop perhaps three months earlier, now got on the bus. On that particular morning months ago, she had talked of her heart-wounded dismay over the bruttle deaths of so many poor folks in Iraq where the American military was quagmired in what seemed to be an endless occupation quartermastered by our president's ruthless vengeance & his backers' ruthless greed.

I recognized this strapping gal immediately, for in my old man way I was quite smitten by her. She was of magnificent structure ~ long legged, her aflame hair ratted woven & braided into a radical design, the saucy curve of her belly on generous display ~ and she was accompanied by a black buck.

They seemed to be in the middle of an intimate affair, for as they stood in the aisle next to where I sat on the crowded transit, they held hands, they murmured softly to each other, her knee arose suggestively between his legs.

As I pretended to ignore this, me-lady tapped my shoulder & said, "Hi."

I said "Hi" back.

Apparently, and suprisingly, she remembered me from our one brief conversation moons ago. She asked with a magnanimous smile how I was doing.

"Well, I'm leaving town," I replied.

"Oh no," said she, her smile waning. "Not for good, I hope."

As if it were not written all over my face, I said, "I'm afraid so."

About this time the bus came to a halt. Her black beau tugged at her. It was time for them to get off. But before they did, this damsel's hand slipped around the back of my neck. Despite the burdensome backpack propped up in my lap, not to mention the hat on my head, or my long mane of hair ~ her warm magical hand effortlessly piloted my head around, perchance I assisted, in such a manner that my lips brushed across the granada of her belly many inches below her sunny navel.

The temptress then, in farewell & in good humor, said, "Remember the earth goddess and the earth goddess will remember you."

And poof! She was gone.