Ch. 8

It's finally raining around here ~ here in the dry & suffering forest.

The trees are elated. This entire environment & myself are elated. One tree bowed down & gave me a little hug a moment ago.

And the blue polyester tent made in China that I got free from the benevolent St. Vincent De Paul folks down 'dare a few miles away in the verily verily Christian town of Prescott ~ it's holding up well, meaning it's keeping me dry ~ and happy!

Ahhhhhhh, the revulgent smell of a dry & suffering forest finally getting a little wet!

The thunder evokes the power of nature & the voice of Our God Jehovah.

I've been told that 6 years ago, due to the infestation of an Asian bark beetle, the folks of Arizona cut-down something like half the trees around here. This extreme manipulation, I'm told, saved the forest. And this is from what it is recovering.

They could not afford to plant new saplings like they do up Oregon way.




Carmen Samson