Ch. 1

Verily I say unto you ~ may reality smote you 'tween the eyes & leave you enlightened.

Verily verily I say unto you ~ the material world is nothing more than the mask that reality wears.

Verily verily verily ~ may you bask pleasantly & forever in the ether, the aura, the blessings of the mystical reality of reality that is continuously blowing the nose of all humankind!

So we have a tale to tell. So let's pitch our tent & tell it ~ like a clumsy old goat, like a quacking duck, like a swift train.

Speaking of which ~

Riding the train into Albuquerque is your best bet when it comes to a superlative experience. Ride it in from the west around 10 am, whiskey glass in hand, sitting rapturous in the big-view car, rattling along. The mighty plains are stretched out all around, a hill here, a dale there. And then down the clickity-clickity track you roll along a generous curve into a gully out of which sticks a few leafless weeds. The gully is the Rio Grande Valley. And those leafless weeds are the skyscrapers of Albuquerque. A minute pile of rock called the Sandia Mountains stands guard over it.

But this story isn't about coming to Albuquerque, in New Mexico. It's about exiting that fairly inconspicuous city. Better than that, this story is also about walking under the full moon down Oak Creek Canyon.

Verily I say unto you ~ walking under the full moon down Oak Creek Canyon.


painting at the top:

Spirit of Place by Deborah Holman

moon shot: